Youth activists join workshop at Hitt Húsið

At the national assembly of the Icelandic Youth Environmentalist organization, the Astrid team was asked to introduce ‘Garden of Choices’. The event was live broadcasted nationally which gave the opportunity for people around Iceland to tune in.


Lemke Meijer, Interaction and Concept Designer spoke about our philosophy in how we approach climate change education and how we are able to talk about it on different levels from the individual to global. By dissecting these different levels we avoid falling for climate actions that are only pinned on the individual or actions that are only pinned on the government. This approach was very well received by the audience.

After the introduction the attendees were invited to try out the Garden of Choices VR role playing game in groups of five while the rest of the group enjoyed a workshop where they would come up with climate actions on different levels. Some of the favorite actions covered alternative modes of transport, giving children control over their own curriculum and designing car free neighborhoods.

It was a lot of fun to have such a motivated group of young people to fight climate change. It was very clear how much everyone was agreeing in terms of taking action and to see the willingness to adapt our way of living.

We are very happy to continue collaborating with this inspiring group of people!

Do you want us to come and present Astrid to you and envision real solutions with us? Contact us!

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