Our products fall within three categories

Educational Games

Educational Stories

Educational Tools

Games are interactive, Stories bring deeper knowledge, and Tools are for educators, to help them teach. In the near future, we are also using our 27+ year history of making interactive, engaging user experiences in museums to develop museum exhibitions which span across all three categories.

Educational Games

Educational Games are immersive, engaging educational experiences which facilitate learning, understanding, and creative and critical thinking about Climate Change. Our first product is “Garden of Choices”, a Virtual Reality role-playing game to facilitate discussion and debate about Climate Change.

Educational Stories

Educational Stories are more traditional educational content which provides in-depth knowledge about Climate Change. This may take the form of stories, experiences, presentations, videos, and more. Our first product is the “Climate Alarm”, a short film exploring the building blocks of climate change issues.


Educational Tools

Educational Tools are specifically designed for educators to help them teach climate change. These tools might include websites, videos, presentations, worksheets, tests and more. They are co-created with teachers, scientists, researchers and ministries. The goal of these tools is to help educators focus on teaching by providing them with the most relevant scientific information in a format they can immediately use.


The Astrid Product Suite

Garden of Choices

Our first product, a virtual reality role playing game.

Ocean Experience

Coming soon – Educational experiences in the Arctic ocean.

Card Game

A multi-player game to instigate discussion and debate.

Museum Exhibitions

Coming soon – Immersive and educational museum exhibitions.

Try Garden of Choices in your school

We are currently testing Garden of Choices in schools to ensure we are creating the best experience for youths.

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