Join our mission

Our mission is to communicate climate change matters effectively in immersive mediums. We can’t do this alone and therefore, we collaborate with businesses, researchers and public institutions to bring climate change education to youths.


Businesses sponsor education licenses for schools.


Change climate change by supporting education through sponsorship of Astrid Educational Games, Stories and Tools.


Researchers contribute with their scientific findings.


We help you to communicate your findings to those who it impacts most - the future generations, by making it accessible for them.


Municipalities and institutions bring education to schools.


Help educators teach climate change by partnering schools with Astrid, businesses and researchers.


is the key to our climate futures


Companies and organizations sponsor schools, cities, and even countries to get the Astrid climate change educational products. They pay a licensing fee and the school receives access to Astrid for the semester, or for life. 


Astrid is available for working with funding grants such as EU funding to bring the Astrid product suite to schools, homes and museums. We are available to partner on grant applications. 


Do you have a voice that people listen to in the fight against climate change? How about in education, or innovation? We need your voice, to help tell people about Astrid and how they can become involved. 

Only together can we educate the future generations about how to take climate actions

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