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The tools and resources you need to effectively teach climate change are at your fingertips with Astrid’s product suite. Everything from presentations, to quizzes, to fully immersive educational experiences are available to provide your students with relevant, scientific knowledge and most importantly, hope for our climate futures.


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We follow a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) approach. 

Our solutions recognize that students have differing ways of learning and we aim to incorporate different disciplines  and pedagogical methods into each product. 

We follow the principle that learning is best retained when applied. Therefore, our products aim to facilitate critical and creative thinking through activities and discussions where the students become confident enough to participate and debate.

Astrid relies on design principles where high quality interactive storytelling is at the core of our products. We utilize a user centred design process involving multiple stakeholders from students to scientists, to ensure accurate information is being communicated in an engaging and memorable narrative. 

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Is there financial support available for Astrid?

We strive to make the Astrid products affordable and accessible for all schools through partnerships. The price of each product is based on the number of students. Contact us to get a quote for your school and learn about partnerships in your area. We aim to use the devices efficiently and therefore we encourage school authorities in each municipality to create a plan for schools to share equipment.

Which product is right for our school?

Our first product is Garden of Choices for 15 – 17 year olds and is available for your school now. Other products in the pipeline enable students to take part in discussions and become knowledgeable about important climate change topics. 

Our products are aimed at youth who have already received basic education around sustainability and green living and are at the point in their lives where they can think more critically and creatively about problems and solutions. The students are at an important stage in their lives where career, political and lifestyle decisions are still being formed. We aim to reach youth before climate anxiety has manifested, instead inspiring them to learn about, and take climate actions based on scientific ground.

Is it scientifically sound?

At the core of our work in the Astrid project is a close collaboration with diverse scientists, from experts in the fields of climate to pedagogy and psychology. Our growing network of world wide scientists has roots in our work as science communicators and in our work in storytelling and interpretations for museums at our parent company, Gagarín.

Our collaborators are both independent climate scientists and scientists at the main science institutions in Iceland, the Meteorological office in Iceland, the Environmental Agency of Iceland, Marine and Freshwater Research Institute, University of Reykjavík and University of Iceland. We are also expanding to include global collaborators and we welcome potential collaborations.

Working with scientists to explore how to communicate complex matters in a captivating way, is a two-way knowledge transfer. Our regular workshops with scientists are highlights in our process and our products reflect this.

How can we get this on our curriculum?

The Astrid products are multi-disciplinary, which is in line with school curriculums where sustainability and green living have integrated into all subjects and disciplines. 

The Astrid products fit specifically into subjects of nature sciences, social sciences and life skills. Our products are also ideal for theme days, where focus can be put on aspects related to climate change whether it be environmental, political, lifestyle and/or business oriented.

We work closely with educators in each country to develop concrete contexts and scenarios for our products within the school and local environments.

We have developed guidelines for teachers about how to prepare students and work with the experiences in a post process so that the learning experience will be efficient and holistic.

Try Garden of Choices in your school

We are currently testing Garden of Choices in schools to ensure we are creating the best experience for youths.

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