Astrid Arctic Ocean

In Astrid Arctic Ocean VR we will allow participants to explore different futures of the Arctic Ocean in virtual reality. Through vivid and rich experience participants will be encouraged to understand, sense, learn and debate issues in relation to possible scenarios of climate change and impacts on the Arctic oceanic ecosystem and life on earth in general.

Ocean wellbeing

In the experience you will learn about scientific research and approach in relation to climatic problem solving, adaptation and mitigation and how you can help save the oceans. You will be encouraged to learn for yourself what matters to you and the community at large when it comes to the wellbeing of the oceans.

Co-created with scientists

The experience, its dynamic universe, storytelling and the gameplay will be based on scientific research, data models and narratives from scientists with backgrounds in diverse fields of relevance to marine and climatic studies, including biologists, physicists and meteorologists.

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