Our approach to climate change

Climate change is often presented in negative terms and therefore, it’s hard to see the hope for our futures. As awareness of the problem is rising, so is the willingness to take action, especially amongst youth.

In order to equip youth with the right set of tools to make us all move towards action, we have identified three main elements that should lead to effective action: care, knowledge, and guidance.

We care about what is happening to our planet, we need knowledge about the issues so we can discuss, debate and act on them.

Lastly, we need to be guided through the levels at which change will take place, and how that change can take place – namely, through our actions.

We see problems and solutions on 7 levels

Solar System

Climate change happens on many different levels, from the individual, to communities, to companies, to countries, to our solar system. We acknowledge that on each level there are different problems and solutions which are each complex on their own levels, and often, cross over to affect other levels.

On each level, we provide learning opportunities to explore the evidence on that level, and the needed intervention alongside it. We believe in a method of giving people the tools to explore, discover and make decisions for themselves.

Our Vision

To foster an innovative society with deep understanding, caring, responsibility and empathy for our natural environments and the interconnectedness of ecosystems.

Who's behind Astrid?

Astrid is a product from Gagarin, who have 27 years of experience in creating rich, award-winning, immersive, interactive experiences for museums and public spaces. We saw an obvious connection between museums and education and a need to design climate change education in a way which engages and empowers both youth and their teachers. We have a full-stack team developing solutions.



Meteorological and Environmental Agencies, Universities.


Partner schools for user testing in Iceland and Denmark.


Through our work at Gagarín we have collaborated with museums world wide.


A youth council of environmentalists who give us their perspective.


Renewable energy companies, banks, fishing and environmental industries and more.


Ministries, Municipalities, Nature and Climate Change institutions.



Local and international advisory board members guide us in the right direction. 

We work with scientists and researchers to create useful, impactful and engaging educational material.

Climate change issues should be as accessible as math, science, geography or language education. However, there is often a lack of adequate teaching material or up to date, relevant, scientific knowledge available, so teaching, and learning about these climate change issues is a significant challenge.

Try Garden of Choices in your school

We are currently testing Garden of Choices in schools to ensure we are creating the best experience for youths.

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