Climate change education

Astrid is a product suite of engaging educational experiences about climate change. Each product aims to give students the knowledge and resources to understand and debate climate change issues.

Enriching learning

We’re facing an incredibly complex and multidimensional problem: Climate Change. Education about climate change is difficult to teach and educators lack adequate resources and tools to teach the latest, relevant scientific findings about climate change.

Astrid is for...

Inspiring curiosity in climate change issues, and giving students the opportunity to critically discuss and debate these issues.

Providing teachers with the tools and resources to effectively teach climate change, from presentations to engaging experiences.

Creating exhibitions to inform, inspire and educate both the general public and groups of students about climate change issues.

Working with scientists, researchers, educators, municipalities, ministries and more to disseminate relevant, scientific information.


Our products range from virtual reality role playing experiences, to augmented reality textbooks, to card games, immersive videos, interactive educational content, and more.

Garden of Choices

Ocean Experience

Card Game

Educational Stories

Tools For Teachers

Museum Exhibits

Tested with over 200 students

Garden of Choices is the first product in the Astrid product suite and is a Virtual Reality role playing experience where youth discuss and debate climate change decisions. It has been co-created with youth, teachers, scientists, researchers, ministries, and experts in education, gaming and virtual reality. It is currently being tested in schools in Iceland, Denmark and Sweden and will go to market in September, 2022.

Funding and Partnerships

Astrid wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our partners, and key organizations. Become one of our partners or collaborators.

Try Garden of Choices in your school

We are currently testing Garden of Choices in schools to ensure we are creating the best experience for youths.

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